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How to Choose a Commercial Roofing Contractor: 5 Things to Ask First

Have you ever tried to choose a commercial roofer? You might have some knowledge about roofing– maybe you’ve even replaced a few shingles on your home before. But let’s face it: deciding on a commercial roofer is not as simple as fixing up your shed.

Choosing the right roofer is essential because their expertise translates directly to the security of your building’s roof. To select the right commercial roofing company, you need to check the roofer’s expertise, make sure they use quality materials, have safety measures in place, and guarantee their work.

Here, we break down five questions you should always ask a commercial roofer before hiring them. The answers to these questions will help you make a smart decision that will protect your investment for the future.

“What Experience Do You Have With Similar Projects?”

Choosing a roofer with solid commercial roofing experience is critical for the success of your project.

Not only should they have extensive roofing experience, but they should also possess specific knowledge about different roofing systems, especially your own system, whether it’s a green roof, TPO, or built-up roofing. It’s important that they understand your system to help you make decisions about it.

When evaluating a commercial roofer, ask, “What experience do you have with similar projects?” Their answer will tell you whether they are familiar with working with buildings of your size and roofing materials like yours.

It’s also worth considering their specializations. Some roofers excel at installing certain types of roofs or using specific materials, while others may specialize in sustainable options or energy-efficient installations.

Evaluating a roofer’s expertise involves more than just looking at their years in business. It requires asking about their history with comparable projects and any specialties they may have. The right contractor will bring valuable insights from prior experiences that can help avoid potential pitfalls during the execution of your own project.

“Are You Licensed and Insured?”

Hiring a licensed roofer isn’t just about legality. It’s about knowing the commercial roofing contractor you’re entrusting with your building’s roof has met rigorous industry standards. They possess the necessary qualifications, understanding, and skills to do the job right.

A valid license gives confidence that they know their stuff–but what if something goes wrong? That’s where liability insurance comes in handy. An insured roofer protects both parties should an unexpected issue arise during the project.

So one of your questions to ask a commercial roofer should always be, “Are you licensed and insured, and can I see proof?”

The Role of Subcontractors in Your Roofing Project

If subcontractors are involved, it’s essential to ask whether they, too, carry licenses and adequate insurance coverage. If not, as building or business owners overseeing large-scale projects like roof installation or replacement, you could find yourself footing hefty bills for accidents on site.

Commercial Liability Insurance is one form of protection against such financial headaches. Ensuring everyone working on your project is adequately covered can save you money and frustration.

“What Warranties and Maintenance Programs Do You Offer?”

A typical roof warranty covers both labor-related issues arising from installation errors, called a workmanship warranty, and defects in the roofing material itself, known as a materials warranty. A reputable commercial roofer should offer both.

The specifics of these guarantees can differ depending on various elements, so ask your roofer, “What warranties and maintenance programs do you offer?”

Maintenance programs are another critical aspect not to overlook when choosing a commercial roofer. Many commercial roofing contractors offer roof maintenance programs to maximize the longevity of the roof repair or installation.

A maintenance program allows your roofer to spot potential problems early while offering regular upkeep, like cleaning gutters or checking seals around vents and pipes. Maintenance programs allow business and building owners to take the best care of their roofing systems to minimize problems and maximize longevity, so don’t overlook this question when searching for a roofing contractor.

“What Is Your Safety Protocol?”

The significance of safety measures in commercial roofing can’t be overstated. It’s a critical component that ensures not only the well-being of the workers but also the integrity and longevity of your roof. So be sure to ask your commercial roofing contractor, “What is your safety protocol?”

A solid safety record and established protocol indicate how seriously a roofer takes these precautions. From using proper equipment to following specific protocols, an experienced commercial roofer knows that cutting corners on safety can lead to costly delays or worse.

Safety isn’t just about preventing accidents during installation; it extends into planning for potential risks down the line, too. Hiring a contractor who prioritizes safety measures will give you peace of mind while ensuring your project is completed without any delays or unnecessary risks.

“Who Will Be My Point of Contact for the Project?”

A commercial roofer’s project management skills can make or break your roofing project. A good project manager will have a clear plan, keep to the agreed timeline, and respond promptly to any issues.

A strong customer service ethic is also crucial. You want a roofer who keeps you in the loop with regular updates, answers your questions fully and honestly, and respects your time as much as their own. So, ask them, “Who will be my point of contact for the project?”

The point of this question is to be clear about who you will communicate with, how often you’ll receive updates, and when you can expect a response when you contact them.

If possible, try to speak directly with the person who will be managing your job–this gives you an opportunity to assess their communication style firsthand.

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