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Whether a building is in the private or federal sector, CDS Roofing knows the top priority for any roof is safety and durability. With our three decades in business, we are experts in the needs of each building, including the materials, design, and budget, and how to leave our customers feeling secure and protected.

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Our Process for Addressing Your Commercial Roofing Services Needs


No two businesses have exactly the same roof, and your roof’s materials, maintenance, and even your property’s location can affect how well your commercial roof wears over time. Our 30 years of experience at CDS Roofing allow us to identify problems other roofers may overlook when it comes to your roofing system.


We thoroughly inspect your roof and let you know our professional and honest recommendation for moving forward, whether you need a few repairs or need to consider a roof coating or a total roof replacement. If you choose to move forward with us, we can discuss the next steps.


As a commercial roofer in Charlotte, we know you need to keep your business open even while addressing your roofing needs. Our team aims to minimize our presence on-site at your business and get the job done on time to help you get back to your normal business operations as soon as possible.

Enhancing Energy Efficiency & Supporting Cost Savings

Your roofing system plays a bigger role than you think in supporting your property’s energy efficiency in Charlotte. Our team at CDS Roofing can identify areas where your roof may be letting heat or cold air escape, which can jeopardize your efficiency.

All of our commercial roofing materials are designed to support energy efficiency and reflect heat. Not only does this keep your property more comfortable and efficient, but it also prevents unnecessary wear on your roofing system, which helps to prolong its lifespan—not to mention reduce your carbon footprint!

Private Sector

Past Projects

Federal Sector

Industries We Serve

CDS Roofing is a third generation family-owned and operated company with the expertise and experience to serve both the private and government sectors. No matter the roofing material or its sizing requirements, our team has the know-how to meet your needs.

Government buildings in the federal sector - roof repair.

Government Buildings

Government facilities have strict building requirements and must be in ideal condition. The work done in these buildings include emergency response teams, police and fire stations, museums, and courthouses, many of which are essential services. This means it’s necessary to do as much as possible to prevent leaks, storm damage, or wear over time.

Roof replacement for manufacturing plants.

Manufacturing & Industrial Plants

Industrial roofing must be designed and installed with duration and dependability in mind. They pose unique challenges that our experienced team is familiar with, and is ready to repair an existing roof or install a brand new roof to last.

Retail property roofing.

Retail Property

Customers are drawn by first impressions, and a roof that provides safety both for employees and consumers, and a clean look, can raise the value of the business overall. Our team works to reduce the inconvenience to you and your customers so you can continue business-as-usual.

Glass office building.

Office Buildings

Commercial office buildings must be in use daily by a multitude of people, so disruption for a new roof or roof repair isn’t feasible. Because of that, we adhere to a strict schedule, causing minimal disruption, and still perform optimal work. We offer routine, thorough roofing inspections so your team is able to catch any issues before it’s too late.

Product Partners

In order to provide all of our customers with the caliber of work they expect from us, we partner with the leading roofing manufacturers in the business.

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