Commercial Roofing Inspections

Commercial roofing inspection - industrial roof with solar panels.

Why Roofing Inspections Are Important and What to Expect

A commercial roof is an essential component of any business property, providing shelter from the elements and protecting valuable assets.

However, over time, commercial roofs can develop issues that may compromise their effectiveness, leading to leaks, damage, and even collapse. Regular commercial roofing inspections are crucial to identify and address these issues before they cause significant damage or pose a safety hazard.

As trained and licensed roof inspectors in Charlotte, NC, CDS Roofing provides comprehensive inspections at affordable rates.

Roof inspections.

Commercial Roofing Inspection Important Components


This includes a visual inspection of the roof surface and edge – including expansion joints, seams, flashings, and fasteners. The drainage system, penetrations (vents, skylights, etc), and insulation effectiveness.


The inspector will check the interior roof deck, ceilings, and interior walls.


This includes an assessment of the roof’s overall structure, such as HVAC systems, communications equipment, signage, and solar panels, for any signs of damage.

Common Problems Affecting Commercial Roofs

Several factors can cause commercial roofs to deteriorate over time. Exposure to harsh weather conditions, poor maintenance, and low-quality installation can all contribute to the following common roofing problems:

Why choose CDS Roofing?

When it comes to commercial and industrial roofing, CDS Roofing has the experience, knowledge, skill, and materials to ensure a job well done. Our team works with some of the largest organizations in Charlotte and the surrounding areas to install, replace, and maintain their roofing systems.

Businesses choose us as their commercial roofer because we offer:

Evaluations for Due Diligence

CDS Roofing provides professional roof evaluations for those purchasing new commercial/industrial buildings. A member of our team can schedule a convenient time to do an onsite comprehensive roof evaluation.

Licensed & Experienced INSPECTORS

As trained and licensed roof inspectors in Charlotte, NC, CDS Roofing charges affordable rates while checking every square inch of your roof.

Thorough Inspections

Within two business days, we will supply a Roof Inspection Report with Pictures, Roof Plan, and any deficiencies that are found and give you short-term and long-term solutions.

Looking for ‘Commercial Roofing Inspection Near Me’?

CDS Roofing provides roof evaluations for commercial customers. Contact us today to discuss your industrial roofing needs and learn more about our inspection process.

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