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Commercial Roof Replacement Professionals

Replacing your business’s roof is a large project that requires proper planning, attention to detail, and experienced professionals. When it’s time for commercial roof replacement, trust the roofers at CDS Roofing to get the job done.

We exclusively work with commercial and industrial customers in the Charlotte area to properly replace roofing systems. So whether you have an old roof, built-up roofing, a single-ply membrane, or a green roofing system, we can help you replace it.

Our commercial roofing services are backed by our decades of experience, attentive customer service, leading-edge products, and warranties. When you work with our commercial roofing contractors, we ensure your new roof is installed to our exacting standards and designed to last for as long as possible.

Metal roof replacement.

When to Consider Commercial Roof Replacement


Although different commercial roofing materials have different lifespans, every roof is different. How long your commercial roof lasts will depend on how well it was installed, how often maintenance was performed, and the quality of the materials used.


Commercial roofing systems can last anywhere from 15-40 years. Green roofing systems tend to last the longest, while asphalt-based and single-ply materials can last about 15-20 years on average but sometimes up to 30 years.

However, age is just a number. It may be time to consider commercial roof replacement when your roof has sustained damage that wouldn’t be cost-effective to repair. Replacement may also be necessary when the roofing material or underlying structures begin to deteriorate.

Hire Experience

CDS Roofing can help you determine if it’s time to replace your roof with a free inspection and consultation. Your commercial roofing inspector will carefully look at all components of your roof and give you a detailed assessment and recommendation depending on the condition of your system.

Materials We Install for Your New Roof

CDS Roofing installs a wide range of materials when it’s time to replace your commercial roofing system. If you want to keep the same material, style, and color, we can help you match it for your roof replacement.

If you want a new material, our commercial roofing contractors can help you make the best choice for your budget and style preferences. Different roofing materials also provide energy benefits, with single-ply membranes generally being more energy efficient than asphalt-based roofing.

We are proud to install the following materials from leading brands in the commercial roofing industry:

Each of our materials comes with a manufacturer warranty as well as our labor warranty for peace of mind.

If your roof is still in good shape and does not yet need a replacement, we may be able to install a roof coating over your existing material, which can help seal out damage and potentially add years of life to your roofing system.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to commercial and industrial roofing, CDS Roofing has the experience, knowledge, skill, and materials to ensure a job is well done. Our team works with some of the largest organizations in Charlotte and the surrounding areas to install, replace, and maintain their roofing systems.

Businesses choose us as their commercial roofer because we offer:

Local & Experienced COMMercial roofing

Unlike other roofers, we exclusively focus on commercial roofing and work with some of the largest properties in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.


We are focused on providing the highest quality customer service, competitive pricing, and industry-leading products to business owners and government entities in the area.

Performance & Longevity

When it’s time to replace your roof, our commercial roofing contractors are there to ensure your roof is replaced properly for ultimate performance and longevity.

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