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Cost-Efficient Solar Panel Installation

Going solar can dramatically reduce energy bills and help commercial properties see enhanced cost savings and value.

CDS Roofing, a renowned name in the commercial roofing industry, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Pineal Energy, a leading solar company.

This partnership will offer cutting-edge solar solutions to our valued clients. With our extensive expertise in roofing and a commitment to sustainable practices, we have seamlessly integrated solar services into our portfolio, offering our clients a comprehensive and eco-friendly approach to meeting their energy needs.

A leader in commercial roofing, CDS Roofing understands the importance of embracing renewable energy sources in today’s world with the rise in energy costs. By incorporating solar solutions into our repertoire, we empower our clients to harness the power of the sun and make a significant positive impact on both the environment and their bottom line.

Investing in solar energy is not only an environmentally responsible decision but also a smart financial move. By transitioning to solar power, businesses can enjoy numerous benefits and significant long-term returns on their investment.

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Why Choose Solar for Your Commercial Roof?

CDS Roofing installs solar panels for commercial and industrial properties in Charlotte. Solar panels give businesses the opportunity to create and utilize their own energy for significant cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

Our team provides roof replacement services with solar panels so you can experience:

Energy Efficiency

Solar panels allow a building to produce most, if not all, of its own energy, depending on the size of the roof and how many panels are installed. As such, going solar can result in significant energy savings and a reduced impact on the environment.

Reduced Costs

Even if you do need to pay for some energy usage, solar can dramatically offset the cost of energy, especially if your building can generate most of its power during the day. Coupled with a potential tax right off, this results in lower energy costs and more money to invest in your business.

Improved Sustainability

Investing in solar energy demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability, positioning businesses as responsible corporate citizens. By reducing their carbon footprint, companies can enhance their brand image, attract environmentally conscious customers, and strengthen relationships with stakeholders who prioritize sustainability.

Types of Buildings We Install Solar Panels On

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for Commercial Clients

CDS Roofing offers commercial roofing clients a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), where customers can purchase power directly from CDS Roofing instead of a utility company. So instead of paying a premium for power, you can pay substantially less and save money on your current electric bill.

Our PPA is perfect for manufacturing plants, industrial properties, or any building with higher power usage.

To qualify for a PPA, we often need to remove the old roof and replace it. So, when it’s time for a roof replacement, we can include the cost in the PPA. What this means is that CDS will cover all the upfront costs of the roof and the solar panel system when a PPA is in place.

By having us pay for your new roofing system and solar panels, we improve your bottom line and reduce the expenses associated with getting a commercial or industrial roof replacement. In addition, changing to solar energy and getting a PPA with CDS Roofing ensures you don’t pay any more per month for power than you need to.

Considering Commercial Solar Panels?

CDS Roofing is dedicated to empowering businesses with customized solar solutions that align with their unique needs and goals. With our expertise in both roofing and solar systems, we deliver seamless integration, exceptional performance, and unparalleled customer satisfaction. Experience the benefits of solar energy for your business by partnering with CDS Roofing today!

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