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If your roof is approaching the end of its life but is still in good condition, a roof coating may help prolong a replacement. 

A roof coating is a liquid membrane that covers the existing roofing material, whether it be a single-ply membrane, a built-up roofing system, or even a metal roof.

A roof coating helps waterproof the roof, protect it from damage, and can add up to 15 years of life to your commercial or industrial roofing system. The commercial roofing contractors at CDS Roofing install and maintain roof coatings for our customers.

For over 30 years, we have served the Charlotte area with professional roofing solutions. As we exclusively work with commercial and industrial roofing systems, you can trust our team to deliver the highest quality products, craftsmanship, and service for your business’s roof.

A commercial building with weatherproof roof coating.

What Is a Roof Coating?


You can think of a roof coating as an additional weatherproof layer over your existing roof. A roof coating is flexible and bonds to the existing material to keep water out and protect the system from UV damage, cracks, tears, and damaged flashing.


Although roofing systems that qualify for a coating could be replaced, roof coatings are generally a more cost-effective option that would prevent the need for a replacement for several more years.


Roof coatings help slow the roof’s natural aging process and can even increase the energy efficiency of the existing material. Depending on your original commercial roofing material, your system may qualify for different types of roof coatings.

The Benefits of a Commercial Roof Coating

The benefits of commercial roof coating are many. Unlike a commercial roof installation, a roof coating is a relatively simple and affordable process that can extend the life of your roof. With a roof coating, you see benefits such as:

Roofing Materials That Qualify for Roof Coatings

If you have a flat or low-slope commercial roofing system, it can likely be coated to prevent further damage and add more years to your roof.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that a commercial roof coating will not be the right choice for every roof. For example, roofs that are in need of replacement or have significant damage are not good candidates for a roof coating. In addition, roofs that have underlying structural issues or are holding water are also generally not ideal for coatings.

Our team at CDS Roofing will comprehensively evaluate your commercial or industrial system and let you know if your roof qualifies for a coating. Virtually any commercial or industrial roofing material can qualify for a roof coating. These include systems such as:

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