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Industrial Roof Repair and Replacement Professionals

Deciding to repair or replace your industrial roof is a big decision. After all, you don’t want to prematurely replace your roof, but you also don’t want to put off a replacement if your roof has significant damage that can’t be effectively repaired.

When you’re deciding between industrial roof repair vs. replacement, CDS Roofing can help. We are a local and family-owned and operated industrial roofing business with over three generations of roofing experience. We exclusively work with commercial and industrial customers in the Charlotte area to provide professional roofing solutions.

Starting with a comprehensive evaluation and assessment, our team can help you decide if it’s time to get a new roof or if you can repair the damage to extend the life of your system.

Industrial roofing repair.

Damage That Can Be Repaired

Not all roofing damage requires a full replacement, especially when you have a large industrial roofing system. Damage that may be able to be repaired includes:

Each roof is different, which is why getting a professional inspection with an experienced commercial roofer is essential. CDS Roofing can help you decide if industrial roof repairs make the most sense or if it’s time to consider a replacement.

When a Replacement Is the Better Option

Many industrial roofing systems can last two decades or more before they require replacement. However, whether your roof lasts 15 years or 40, it’s imperative to replace your system when the time comes.

Replacing your industrial roof as necessary can help prevent damage from affecting the underlying roof structure, your building’s energy efficiency, and even the safety of your interior space.

So when is replacement the better option? Your industrial roofing system may need to be replaced if:

Industrial Roof Coatings

If your roof is approaching the end of its life but is in otherwise good condition and needs minor repairs, we can discuss the pros and cons of applying a roof coating to your industrial roofing system.

A roof coating doesn’t eliminate the need for industrial roof repair, but it can help prevent common types of damage to your roof and add an extra waterproofing component. Roof coatings can extend the life of an industrial roof by up to a decade, depending on the system.

Our team can help you decide if a roof coating is the right choice when you’re considering industrial roof repairs vs. a replacement for your system.

Make the Best Choice With CDS Roofing

Each roofing system is unique, and whether your industrial roof needs to be repaired, re-roofed or replaced will depend on the existing damage, how well the roof has been maintained, and whether it was installed properly. Make the best choice for your industrial roofing system with CDS Roofing—contact us to schedule a complimentary estimate today.

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