Commercial roof inspection.

All You Need to Know About Commercial Roof Inspection: When & Why You Need One

Commercial roof inspections are crucial to your roof care, just like regular maintenance.

Roof inspections don’t need to happen frequently. However, they provide businesses and commercial properties with helpful information regarding the state of their roofing system. Inspections also give property owners the opportunity to conduct repairs as needed and extend the life of their roof.

So when do you need a commercial roof inspection, and why? Here’s all you need to know about commercial roofing inspections.

When to Have Your Commercial Roof Inspected

There’s no one set rule for when to have your commercial roof inspected. The frequency of inspections will depend on the age of your roofing system, its condition, and whether you perform regular maintenance to the roof.

While newer roofing systems may only need a yearly inspection, older systems may benefit from bi-annual inspections. An experienced commercial roofer can inspect your roof and recommend an inspection frequency based on its condition.

You should also schedule a commercial roof inspection:

  • After a severe storm (torrential rain, hail, high winds, ice)
  • Before purchasing a commercial property
  • Immediately after a new roof installation or roof replacement to ensure proper installation
  • When you suspect there is a problem with the system

Why You Need Regular Inspections

Regular commercial roof inspections have benefits beyond maintaining an awareness of your roof’s condition. Getting regular inspections allows a professional commercial roofer to identify problems early. This will help prevent damage to your property, extend the life of your roof, and conduct repairs as needed.

Perhaps most importantly, scheduling roof inspections allows you to catch damage before it accumulates to impact your building safety and cost significant money for repairs or a premature roof replacement.

Inspections also allow property owners to prepare for seasons with frequent inclement weather, such as hurricane season, winter, and summer. Commercial roof inspections are an opportunity to remain proactive about your roofing system and save money.

What Happens During a Commercial Roof Inspection?

During a commercial roof inspection, a commercial roof inspector will check your property and your roofing system for damage that could be originating from the roof. As such, they will look inside the building and assess elements such as roof insulation and vents.

Your roof inspector will evaluate your roofing system and its most crucial components. These include the roof deck, membranes, flashing, seams, edges, drainage pipes, and gutters. If the inspector finds debris on the roof, they should remove it or let you know if you need a roof cleaning.

A roof inspection allows a professional to check every component of your roof and deliver a report and recommendations for what may need to be done, including repairs, failing components, and other areas of concern.

Schedule Your Commercial Roof Inspection Today

When was the last time your commercial roofing system was inspected? It’s always best to have a professional commercial roofer evaluate your system for damage that could impact your building safety or energy efficiency, and to ensure it is ready to protect your property against inclement weather. Contact CDS Roofing to book a commercial roof inspection with our experienced professionals today.


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